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. >> talking about hope and changing >> than to repeal every single word of obama care. >> a lot of republicans seem to believe if they can gum up the works and make this law fail, they'll somehow be sticking it to me. they'd just be sticking it to you. >> i don't think shutting down the government is a good idea. >> shutdowns are not a good move at all. >> go back to the original greek. politics had two parts. >> is he willgible to be president of the united states? >> he was in canada maybe not. >> he was definitely born in canada. >> you have to ask him that question. >> antics meaninging blood sucking insects. >> ♪ >> and we open with a look at the hottest ticket in consecutive circles this month, the defund obama care summer tour. in a few hours, ted cruz whose canadian citizenship well get to in a minute will take the stage in dallas to explain why now is the time for a government shutdown if democrats won't help repeal president obama's signature health care law. >> obama care is at its most vulnerable it's ever been right now. there's bipartisan agreement it's not working. the wheels
, august 26th. and syria is officially on notice. ♪ >> major foreign policy. >> the obama administration is stepping up plans for military action. >> it has little doubt the syrian army used chemical gas on its own people. >> this is clearly a big event of grave concern. >> it's less a question of if than when. >> president obama has asked the defense department to prepare options. >> nobody wants boots on the ground. >> that doesn't mean he sits back and says we can't do anything. >> lawmakers on capitol hill increasingly urging the obama administration to take action. >> we have to move and have to move quickly. >> can't can be unilateral american approach. >> i do think action is going to occur. >> will it be big enough or a symbolic attack? >> i think we can change things immediately just because we're america. that's not necessarily the case. >> president pulled troops out of iraq and trying to get them out of afghanistan. does he or this country have an appetite to get involved? that's the red line that the president does not want to cross. ♪ purple haze ♪ >> the dilemma gross
international response is needed. while the house said today that president obama is still weighing what ha response will be, it does not include regime change. >> the options that we are considering are not about regime change. they are about responding to a clear violation of an international standard that prohibits the use of chemical weapons. mass death, the killing of innocent women and children, has to be responded to. >> however, even as it made its case, the white house said there is no military solution to syria, only a political one. let's get right to nbc chief white house correspondent chuck todd, host of the daily rundown. we're still hearing the white house say they are mulling and considering action. is your read right now the idea of military strikes is pretty much a done deal? >> it's not about if. it's about what kind i have strike is it going to be. if there is a debate that's left that's being had inside the administration, joy, it has to do with, okay, if you do this, are you going to hit them hard enough he doesn't do it again. if he does use chemical weapons again, ar
the race of these shooters in a way to sort of try to bait barack obama on race. let me play you some sound, clarence, and get your comment. >> trayvon martin here and in the rose garden. why the hasn't he spoken out on this in this case? you said there was a judicial proceeding. there was one in the trayvon martin case. he spoke out extensively on that one. >> there's the right directly trying to bait the president on race, a situation with the baseball player is already tragic. why do they seem so determined to also make it racial. >> they've been champing at the bit waiting for a case that would help them to problem the point that white people are not -- that their lives aren't as valued as much as black people's lives are, the exact opposite of what experience tells us. this case does not apply. people forgetting that in the trayvon martin case, the parents were upset that the suspect, zimmerman, was released without much suspicion at all. and that was when the state reopened the case and decided there was enough evidence to prosecute. what we're looking for here is equal justice. if th
with president obama's national security team moving forward with the syria plan. in an unusually hectic friday before labor day, today saw a flurry of conference calls and meetings on the crisis. if there are any doubts the u.s. will strike despite the fact that the president insists he's made no decision. this is president obama just a short time ago. >> we cannot accept a world where women and children and innocent civilians are gassed on a terrible scale. i have said before and i meant what i said, that the world has an obligation to make sure that we maintain the norm against the use of chemical weapons. >> much earlier, the white house made public its unclassified intelligence report. the assessment of the syrian government's use of chemical weapons on august 21st is, 2013, determining that 14g 29 people were killed in the chemical weapons attack, including at least 426 children. and this afternoon, secretary of state john kerry went before the cameras making an impassioned case to punish assad. >> we need to ask, what is the risk of doing nothing? it matters because if we choose to live
be involved in. i believe president obama sen searly tried to turn a new page with regard to u.s., middle east policy. wonderful speech he laid down in cairo. now is where the tough part actually is where we stand by our values and understand that the short-term reality is that the coup leaders are not going to appreciate what us withdrawing military aid. they got a whole buck load of aid from countries like saudi arabia and the united arab emirates. but at this point, we should not be signaling to the people of egypt that we approve of this way of changing government. if the african union can say it's wrong and europeans can say it's wrong, of course we ought to be able to say it's wrong and we ought to step up to the plate, condemn it but put real meaningful meaning behind the condemnation. we've got withdraw that aid. >> i mentioned earlier that you have been busy during this recess. have you traveled overseas. i wonder if i might turn your attention to some of the issues in this country and particularly with regard to the issue of immigration. now, marco rubio, senator rubio told a florida
>> 40 meaningless votes that repeal obama care. >> president obama is in denial. >> we've had lots of votes about obama care, none of which had any chance of passing. >> we're not going to give him -- >> we don't have the votes in the senate or in the house. >> we need people with vote -- with tattoos, people without tattoos. >> why is president obama threatening to shut down the government in order to force obama care down the american people's throats. >> i'm not the least bit concerned about what some might describe as perception. >> the house is clearly where things go to die. >> i'm sure the august resist will have our members in in a better mood when they come back. ♪ we're on a mission ♪ come on and ride on the fantastic ride ♪ >>> may i entreat your grace to pardon me and hear a tale in which the course of obama care repeal did nar run smooth. senator ted cruz and some of his fellow tea partiers are starting to choke down the idea that they face long odds trying to defund the affordable care act through a budget measure this fall. senator justice joined a tea party ra
this afternoon to deliberate once again. as for president obama, he says the u.s. has concluded that bashar assad's regime is responsible for last week's attack, and must pay a price. >> we have concluded that the syrian government in fact carried these out. if that's so, then there need to be international consequences. i have no idea in in i kind of open-ended conflict in syria, but we do have to make sure that when countries break international norms on weapons like chemical weapons that could threaten us, that they are held accountable. >> that said the president has emphasized he has not made a decision on military action. many members of congress are not on board. today the president called house speaker john boehner after boehner sent a her demanding answers to 14 questions before the president orders strikes in syria. bainers's office said the speaker still wants answer, including the legal justification for any military strike, the policy and precedent such a response would set and the objectives and strategy for any potential action. well aware that the specter of rage lume large over d
to be for something, not just be against everything. >> harry reid and president obama would scream and yell. >> i see mea colleagues say, by god, it's now or never. >> will you vote to defund obama care? i want a yes or no. >> no. >> they want to get as many americans hood to the sugar. >> the other day you're not wanting to kill the hostage. that's okay, kill it. >> cooler heads prevail over time. >> there are more effective ways of achieving that goal. >> one thing i've tried to do is not overreact. ♪ >>> the bell has rung, and congress is out for summer. members fanning out to their districts to hear the heated opinions of constituents at town hall meetings, and with less than eight weeks to go before the official launch of new health care marketplaces until the afford kabul care ac, backers of the law are out in force encouraging people to sign up. then, of course, there are the law's opponents. you remember these guys. >> who do you want to die so that we're on the par with the english system? >> if this thing goes into effect beginning october 1st with the exchanges and mandates kicking in, i
, august 23rd. for the president, it's not sleep till scranton. ♪ >> president obama set off on a two-day bus tour. >> i can mag big news. >> the bottom line is higher education cannot be a luxury. >> it's astonishing to the watch the self-destruction of the republican party. >> there is no more important regulatory reform. >> 40 votes to try to. >> repeal every single word. >> of obama care. >> here you have the speaker of the house saying let's put that fight off. >> i can't force these folks to do what's right. >> i think we're going to have another constitutional crisis. >> that's called impeachment. >> throws around i" word. >> the president obama is a personal friend of mine. >> talk of impeachment gets into the realm of birth certificate. >> amazing grace how swede the sound that saved a wretch like me. >> penny wise and pound foolish. >> president obama is on the road facing down his latest detractors in congress while getting to hear from everyday americans in atown haul meeting in new york as he deliberates matters from the economy and crisis to the economy and the crisis in
over. ♪ >> mr. obama is back in washington. his response to the crisis in egypt continues to come under fire. >> for us to sit by and watch this happen is a violation of everything that we stood for. >> the administration is not signaling any major shift in policy. >> we're going to have a bill in egypt and have to sus. end our aid. >> it shows nothing but american weakness. >> i don't knowian senator paul is so out of wac about this. >> this all started with him say wiig don't have room for libertarian republicans. the party's big enough for both of us. >> stop, question frisk have made new york city the safest big city. >> stop and frick is abandoned will, people die? >> no question, violent crime will go up. violence is happening disproportionately enough of minority communities. >> it's a slippery slope. >> like burning down the house to rid it of mice. ♪ we open a new week with the president back in d.c. after a family vacation on martha's vineyard facing questions how his administration will handle two vital concerns to the nation. internationally, there's still a question of ho
for the egyptian people. ♪ >> i'm joy reid in for martin bashir. one day after president obama condemned the violence on streets of egypt, not much has changed. calling for a quote day of rage, thousands of supporters of the muslim brotherhood and ousted president mohamed morsi filled the streets today with protests and rallies. many in the u.s. are calling for stronger language and actions from the administration including officially declaring the situation a military coup and thus cutting the $1.38 billion in military aid we provide egypt every year. the death toll is now at over 600 with an additional 4,000 or moral injured and it continues to rise. reports saying that perhaps 80 or more protesters have been killed today alone. and the violent response from the military and police simply continues, as well. operating orders to use live ammo if necessary. as president obama returns to washington this weekend, he's expected to reassess our policies toward egypt in an attempt to wield whatever influence we still have. and hopefully, to work towards bringing this conflict to a swift and p
leader rose up. >> appeal every single word of obama care. >> talking about hope, and change. >> i'm not sure where he was born. >> he was definitely born in. >> you'll have to ask him that question. >> his name was fidel castro. >> you go back to the original greek. politics had two parts, poly meaning many and tics meaning blood sucking parasites. that firly will describes the state of affairs in washington today. >> welcome back from a wild weekend income iowa full of sound and fury, signifying perhaps the way too early start of the 2016 presidential race. yes, the iowa caucuses are still more than 28 months away. but that isn't stopping those with an eye on the oval office descending on the hawkeye state. from the weekend social conservative summit to next month's steak fril featuring vice president joe biden, we will cast our gaze into the future just ahead. but we begin with the fierce urgency of now and two major developments in the area of criminal justice reform. earlier today in a major repudiation of new york's controversial stop and frisk policy, a federal judge ruled t
obama. it's their uniting and sort of rallying principle. unfortunately for conservativism right now, which is what the republican party is about -- there are few moderates left in the party -- conservativism is defined by what it hates. it currently is defined by opposition to obama, opposition to obama care, opposition to liberals, opposition to -- >> how about opposition to the country? some want to shut down the government and throw 30 million people who might have health insurance eventually, rethem from that. opposition to the country as well. >> it's why it's difficult to attract young people, as well. a lot of what's animating conservativism is this resentment that the generation that benefited the most from the new deal, the resentment that those programs have been overtake bin the brown and the black and the poor and people they see as less worthy of sort of the america they believe that they created. so the idea that they resent these entitlements, resent these programs, feel they're enfeeb lg and destroying america, that is what designs them as conservatives. it's very di
of opposition to the obama agenda. and i'm proud of that. >> if the doctors told senator mcconnell that he had a kidney stone, he would refuse to pass it. >> we are living through a decade where a few at the top were doing better and better. >> there's no middle class. a gap between the haves and have notes is getting wider and wider. >> i put forward a strategy for breaking through the washington log jam. >> all republicans want to repeal and replace obama care. >> we ought to be judged how many laws we repeal. >> shutting down the government because i'm for keeping it open. >> let me be clear, i don't trust the republicans. >> absoluting down the republicans is not the right thing to do. >> none of these bills you passed is going to become law. >> washington is willing to set aside politics and focus on and what matters. >> why not stick around instead of taking a five-week vacation. ♪ it's a cruel, cruel summer ♪ ♪ leaving me here on my own >> good afternoon, we are following breaking news at this hour. new york yankees third baseman alex rodriguez is one of 13 major league players su
to repeal obama care. >> finally defund obama care. >> you're delivering no meaningful information. >> you're going to go back to your districts and explain. >> it's an aimless congress falling into chaos. >> it's pathetic. >> we're just slightly ahead of genghis kahn apartment communist party in popularity. >> i'm not the least bit concerned about what some might wand to describe as perception. >> i've run my last campaign. i don't need to spin. >> i'm sure the august recess will have our members in a better mood when they come back. ♪ ♪ holiday road, oh >>> ah, yes, it is that time of year when friendship bracelets are exchanged bffs wipe away tears and promise to keep in touch. yes, it is the last day of congress before a long hot five-week recess. the triumphant gavel sounded just over an hour ago, leaving plenty of time for your representative to get to the airport. >> 113th congress the house stands adjourned till 2:00 p.m. on monday, september 9th, 2013. >> but wait. not before one last effort by republicans to throw the affordable care act into the congressional bonfire. yes, l
of hard work and personal responsibility. now, of course, this become president obama, don't expect folks on the right to jump up and applaud, which is interesting, particularly when you listen to a clip from a another speech to young people delivered by another famous american and major democratic donor. and the democratic party last year. the video of this speech has gone viral and earned instant praise from some of the biggest names on the right. >> every job i had was a steppingstone to my next job. i never quit my job until i had my next job. and so opportunities look a lot like work. >> good to see his iowa roots shining through, sarah palin posted to facebook. remarkable speech, tweeted senator ted cruz. what he said was right on, gushed rush limbaugh. you know what? i agree with all of them. it was a remarkable spot-on speech, but here's my question. how is what ashton kutcher said different from what president obama said and has repeatedly said about hard work, getting an education as the way to success. even more than that, why does the right think they own the idea of hard work
bit of what president obama had to say on those steps. just about 30 minutes ago. let's play a part of the president's remarks today. >> to suggest as some sometimes do that little has changed, that dishonor is the courage and the sacrifice of those who paid the price to march in those years. >> chris, your perspective on that remark in the president's speech today, as well. >> well, you know, this is an example, and this sound partisan, to hell with it. that's the speech the president gave today is an example of why there's no credibility to his right wing critics. is he a moderate. he is a pro american guy, a patriotic guy who preaches over and over again unity among the various groups in this country. he never preaches division. he always prepares progress and getting along together. and people taking responsibility for their own lives. today he sounded a bit like bill cosby in that regard. get your act toogether. is he everything a white conservative should applaud how he educated himself and stayed clean as a whistle and raise this had beautiful family and did everything great
, citing the enemies list out of the white house and arguing that president obama doesn't have clean hands. joining us now is one of the co-authors of that piece, democratic congressman elijah cummings of maryland. good afternoon, sir. >> good afternoon. >> there have been so many instances of mr. issa's outright lies and deceit, not just over the course of this scandal, but also the feigned is controversies over benghazi, over fast and furious involving the attorney general. what will motivated yourself and congressman sander levin to pen this piece now? >> well, we realize that the republicans were going into their town hall meetings and basically using the irs issue to basically attack the president and attack democrats and attack the irs. and our position has been let's get to the truth. we wanted to make sure the truth was out and that truth is there has not been one scintilla of evidence, martin, that says that the president had anything to doing with the irs selection of these files and that there was no political motivation. and by the way, elijah cummings didn't say that. the witn
in place, obama care which -- which by the way, which by the way if you don't have health insurance or you're buying it at exorbitant rates on the individual market starting on october 1st, you can join a marketplace and be part of a pool that gives you much lower premiums, saves you a lot of money. but in the same way that what we did with health care was to set up clear rules with insurance companies to protect consumers,ings make it more affordable but still built on the private marketplace, i believe that our housing system should operate where there's a limited government role and private lending should be the backbone of the housing market. and that includes by the way, community-based lender who's view their borrors not just as a number but as a neighbor. that's one principle. a second principle is, we can't leave taxpayers on the hook for irresponsibility or bad decisions by some of these lenders orphan i may -- like fa mae or freddie mac. we've got to encourage the pursuit of profit but the era of expecting a bailout after you pursue your profit and you don't manage your risk well
, it's w., not obama. >> andrea mitchell, thank you so much for staying with us at this hour. >> you bet. >> let's go back to pete williams. pete had brilliantly ill louis dated the first point he wanted to make and then i rudely dumped him. pete, what were you going to make as a second point? >> i would always yield to chuck and henry, martin. >> gracious of you. i wouldn't if i were you, pete. go ahead. >> the other thing this paper makes clear is the government's position on what has perhaps been one of the most controversial aspects about the government's phone surveillance program. and that is the law requires that the intelligence communities can't gather this evidence unless they can show that it's relevant to an investigation. and what critics have said is how can it be relevant to gather every phone number ever dialed in the u.s.? how can that possibly be relevant to an investigation? this is what the justice department says. in essence it says it's relevant for two reasons, one, it's relevant because the government has reason to believe that a broad search of phone records
some of the verbiage of president obama now about how the budget cuts can't go to the military and so forth. you know, that's very nice when you're speaking in front of the marin marines, but the fact of the matter is we have spent trillions of dollars on these tragic, wasted wars. the president should have said that. well, he said this is glory. unfortunately, these were horrific, mistaken wars and we spent trillions of dollars and that burdens all of us because we end paying the price for that. >> i want if i can for you to focus on u.s.-russian relations. the president has canceled his private meeting with mr. putin because of what happened in regard to edward snowden. it got to the point where jay leno is asking about the relationship. do you think this is a temporary impasse because we know that the president, when he was inaugurated, decided to reset relations with the russians. initially, there was some agreement around nuclear arms and reduction treaties, but where is that relationship now given that he's cancelled this personal meeting? >> i was sorry to see this cancellation
Search Results 0 to 31 of about 32 (some duplicates have been removed)